Českobratrská 18/1742, 702 00 Ostrava
+420 595 606 600

Winestone restaurant

A modern restaurant in Ostrava that wants to do it its own way.

Our story began in September 2018, when I joined the Mercure Hotel and created a new concept for the Winestone restaurant. I, Tomáš Lalík, and my hand, Ivo Vyskočil, are at the head of our kitchen. We’re two crazy chefs who want to do things our own way and especially in an unconventional way. We are not afraid to combine unusual flavours. We regularly prepare new menus so that neither we nor our guests get bored. You won’t find food like a hamburger or a hotdog in the Winestone Hotel Restaurant. We want to show everyone that you can fall in love with other and more enjoyable dishes. We don’t just play with the taste, but also with the presentation and overall look of each dish. We create our own story on the plate.


Českobratrská 18/1742, 702 00 Ostrava


+420 595 606 600