Sosnová 107, 79312

Vitaminátor s.r.o.

We return Czech fruit to the Czech table.

Our goal is to produce quality and healthy products suitable for all generations. We don’t want to compete with quantity and overwhelm supermarkets. We produce primarily for consumers who know that fruit from our gardens is the best for them. During our eight years on the market, we have learned to handle our ingredients gently and responsibly. Vitaminátor processes only Czech produce that was grown in our country. Most of the produce comes from our own orchards, some is purchased from certified Czech growers. Fruits and vegetables are harvested ripe, full of vitamins and healthy substances. Chemistry is avoided, clever processing technologies are not. You will not find any preservatives in our products, yet thanks to a special packaging system, the juice lasts up to 21 days fresh after opening.

In view of our many years of experience in agricultural primary production, we decided to share the knowledge of the work of the orchardist with children, and to give them experience and basic knowledge in a fun way. Therefore, in 2019, the SADAR’S LEARNING TRAIL was built with the aim of demonstrating the main objectives of an environmentally friendly approach to farming in nature in a visual and entertaining way. Visitors will gain knowledge about environmentally friendly farming methods on agricultural land consisting of orchards, arable land, forests, and ponds.


Sosnová 107, 79312