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Beskydská likérka

A producer of syrups, spirits and herbal as well as fruit liqueurs of our original recipes.

Taste the herbal liqueur with 18 herbs of sweet and bitter taste with a tradition since 1856.  Beskydská likérka is a family-run company, where the basic and supporting program is specialization in the production of first-class herbal liqueurs made exclusively from natural ingredients, without the use of artificial sweeteners or nature-identical substitutes. With its production programme, the company tries to follow in the footsteps of the company of the former world-famous wholesaler and native of the local Beskydy region, Mr. Herman Low, who in his time was one of the greatest Austro-Hungarian monarchs and who became famous, among other things, for his world-awarded herbal liqueur Lysá Hora Beskydská likérka’s production programme strives for a worthy continuation of tradition and product quality, When creating recipes for herbal liqueurs, it draws on the well of long-forgotten recipes of our ancestors, adapting them to the requirements and tastes of today’s consumer.


Na Zbytkách 41, Staré Město 738 01


+420 728 070 070