Kunčice pod Ondřejníkem 315
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Brewery Ogar

Craft brewery and brewery pub

With the reconstruction of the dilapidated cinema in Kunčice pod Ondřejníkem in 2016, the history of our craft brewery Ogar (originally Kunčický pivovar) and the brewery pub began to be written. What started with a whim of a long time and a desire to learn something new, has over the years become a wonderful place filled with good cheer of professionals. Thanks to their precise work and artisanal approach, after five years of operation Ogar offers beers appreciated not only by beer connoisseurs, but also by guests of renowned restaurants and customers of the largest Czech supermarket chains.

The right choice of ingredients for our beer is essential. But top-quality ingredients would be useless without the cutting-edge technologies and processes that make quality beer. That’s why we brew our beers in a modern stainless-steel mash tun, wort pan, mash tun and centrifugal kettle. All with a capacity of 10 hectolitres.

To keep our beer in the best shape possible before it reaches the pub and our customers, we have purchased a new CIP station and a keg washer with evaporation. We also recently overhauled all the lager tanks and beer paths. This allows our customers to enjoy their beer as much as we do right here at the brewery.


Kunčice pod Ondřejníkem 315


+420 725 818 818